Research Interests

My research interests involve the interaction between the environment and society. In particular, I am interested in how environmental conditions can have an impact upon peoples’ health and well-being over long time-horizons. Much of my research to date deals with natural disasters, as this is one area that I think necessitates non-trivial interdisciplinary research.

Publications and Working Papers

Estimating economic damage from climate change in the United States“. S. Hsiang*, R. Kopp*, A. Jina*, J. Rising*, M. Delgado, S. Mohan, DJ Rasmussen, R. Muir-Wood, P. Wilson, M. Oppenheimer, K. Larsen, and T. Houser, Science 356(6345): 1362–1369 (2017).

The Causal Effects of Environmental Catastrophe on Economic Growth: Evidence from 6,700 tropical cyclones“. Hsiang, S.M. and A.S. Jina, NBER Working Paper no. 20352 (Revision requested at Journal of Political Economy).

Extreme Air Pollution in Global Megacities“. Marlier, M.E., A.S. Jina, R.S. DeFries & P.L. Kinney, Current Climate Change Reports 2(1):15-27. (2016).

Satellites, Self-reports, and Submersion: Exposure to Floods in Bangladesh“. Guiteras, R.P., A.S. Jina,  A.S. Jina, A.M. Mobarak, American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings 105(5): 232-36 (2015).

Geography, Depreciation, and Growth“. Hsiang, S.M. and A.S. JinaAmerican Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings 105(5): 252-56.(2015).

American Climate Prospectus: Economic Risks in the United States“. T. Houser, R. Kopp, S.M. Hsiang, M. Delgado, A.S. Jina, K. Larsen, M. Mastrandrea, S. Mohan, R. Muir-Wood, DJ Rasmussen, J. Rising, P. Wilson. Columbia University Press (2015).

Smallholder farmer cropping decisions related to climate variability across multiple regions“. Wood, S., A.S. Jina, M. Jain, R.S. DeFries, P. Kristjanson. Global Environmental Change. 25 (2014). (html)

Biophysical and Socioeconomic Factors Associated with Forest Transitions at Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales. Jain, M., C.B. Yackulic, M. Fagan, A.S. Jina, Y. Lim, M. Marlier, R. Muscarella, P. Adame, R.S. DeFries, M. Uriarte. Ecology and Society. 16(3) (2011). (html)

Ongoing Projects

“The Long-term Impacts of Flooding on Human Capital Formation in Bangladesh” with Raymond Guiteras (University of Maryland) and A. Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale University)

Long-range Externalities and Human Capital: Evidence from atmospheric models and Indonesian megafires” with Miriam Marlier (Columbia University)

  • Visualisation of the data here

“Environmental Drivers of Selection into Sex Work: Evidence from India and Vietnam” with Jesse Anttila-Hughes (University of San Francisco) and Kate Pennington (UC, Berkeley)

“Infant Mortality and Fertility Effects of Particulate Matter in Developing Countries: Evidence from 1,000,000 Births” with Jesse Anttila-Hughes (U. San Francisco), Miriam Marlier (UCLA atm. sci.), and Apostolos Voulgarakis (Imperial atm. sci.)

“Human Productivity in a Warmer World: The Impact of Climate Change on the Global Workforce” with [U. Chicago:] Michael Greenstone, Ashwin Rode, [UC, Berkeley:] Solomon Hsiang, Tamma Carleton, Andy Hultgren, Matthew Pecenco, [Princeton:] Rachel Baker, [Columbia:] Anthony D’Agostino, Tim Foreman

“Adaptation or Selection: Explaining Global Differences in Climate-related Mortality” with [U. Chicago:] Michael Greenstone, Ashwin Rode, Ishan Nath, Arvid Vienne, Samuel Seo, [UC, Berkeley:] Solomon Hsiang, Tamma Carleton, [Columbia:] Alice Zhang